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Cemagi, Canggu..

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Well Canggu certainly took off in ways we never anticipated. I remember leasing my first villa in Pererenan thinking I was the only foreigner in the village! I had taken a wrong turn at Echo beach and followed a dusty path which brought me to the lovely seaside village of Pererenan. Four years on and its unrecognizable with huge villas, trendy cafes, bakeries, warungs, a medical center and a plethora of cool cats wondering the streets, yes even during covid. The rental prices have soared and every surfer and his dog wants to be in Pererenan.

Moving on and skipping across the fishing village of Seseh we arrive in Cemagi, a series of fishing villages with its fair share of temples and the feeling one is stepping back in time, surrounded by rice views, mountain views and a really wild black sand beach.

The Little Tanah Lot temple can be found on the west road in Cemagi. The small road hangs on the side of a cliff and has some cute sunset viewing spots to share a beer or young coconut. From here you can take some interesting walks around the cliff to East and discover some tucked away temples and precarious fishing spots.

We feel Cemagi will explode in the coming years and have researched houses in which to start our sustainable boutique Art Villas. With so much inspiring local activity we feel Cemagi may be the next big thing!

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