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Sustainable Boutique Art Villas in Bali

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Bali Island Studio is designing a chain of Sustainable Boutique Art Villas across Bali. Each villa will be a piece of living art, an exceptional experience for guests, a unique opportunity to stay in beautifully renovated buildings doubling as an art gallery.

The hanging art, bedlinen, ceramics and furniture will be sourced by us supporting local artisans and available for purchase by our guests. Each boutique villa working with our interior designer, will present a catalogue of the artists involved. And an opportunity for guests to visit their studios and where possible partake in workshops and meet the artists. Other furniture is vintage and antique, giving new life to the old, adding character and intrigue to the space. The gardens in each villa ( where possible ) grow organic vegetables, fruits and herbs for the guests to enjoy all year round.

In a world of monotony and repetition, our focus will be on the unique and creative, the sustainable and hand made craftsmanship

Bali Island Studio converts the neglected, abandoned, and already existing houses, breathing new life into each property. Surveying and redesigning, renovating and finishing. We manage each house renovation one by one, our designer working with the building team ensuring attention to details.

We create opportunities for you, property owners, guests and local artisans. Guests experience a unique opportunity to stay in beautifully renovated buildings doubling as an art gallery. And last but not least, local artisans are given the opportunity to showcase their work in living environments, offering works for sale and workshop opportunities for guests. Once completed, we then market, book and offer exceptional service to guests travelling to Bali, with expert staff in place.

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