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Renovation Projects

Bali has some unique properties tucked away in villages, rice fields and jungle, gems that unless you are here on the island and connected, you won't find these properties online. There are many abandoned and neglected houses that without tenants and a tropical climate are quick to deteriorate. But with the right design and building team can convert into stunning long lasting villas.

The benefits to renovating are that the legalities are much easier and safer. Turnaround time is less so you can make an income from the property much sooner than starting a build from scratch and the costs are far less. The risks in a Hak Sewa ( leasehold ) are also far less and you already have foundations laid, electricity connected and water wells established.

Bali Island Studio converts the neglected, abandoned, and already existing houses, breathing new life into each property. Surveying and redesigning, renovating and finishing. We manage each house renovation one by one, our designer working with the building team ensuring attention to details.

We create opportunities for you ( contact us for more information ), property owners, guests and local artisans. 

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